Junior Fair Directors Listed by Departments

The Hancock County Agricultural Society would like to thank all Jr. Fair Directors and Superintendents for their help in putting on the Fair. Without their help we could not continue to have such a great fair.

Junior Fair Departments

Director in charge:   Levi Beagle
Superintendent:   Doug Drerup

Director in charge:   Jeff Cole
Superintendents:   Sarah (Badertscher) Swisher, Wayne Smith, Mike Kryling

Dairy Steer Show
Sponsored by:   Hosler-Corbin Ins. Agency Inc.
Director in charge:   Matt Stacy
Superintendent:   Lynae Stacy

Dairy Feeder Show
Sponsored by:   Hosler-Corbin Ins. Agency Inc.
Director in charge:   Matt Stacy
Superintendent:   Lynae Stacy

Director in charge:   Tom Harmon, Dave Bell
Superintendents:   Martha Boyd, Donene Simmons, Dean Lee

Director in charge:   Matt Clark
Superintendents:   Jamie & Teresa Siferd

Director in charge:   Nick Conrad
Superintendents:   Brad Schlumbohm, Sara Klay, Betsy Conrad

Director in charge:   Harold E Parkins
Superintendent:   Bev Welty

Director in charge:   Bob Hanna & Mike DeVore
Superintendents:   Amy Schroeder

Director in charge:   Jay Warren, Miles vonStein
Superintendent:   Brent vonStein

Dog Showmanship & Obedience
Director in charge:   Matt Stacy
Superintendents:   Betty Finn, Susan Wren, Denise Mitchell

Dog Agility
Director in charge:   Matt Stacy
Superintendent:   MaryLee Flick


Junior Fair Education Exhibits

Superintendent:   Kris Sherer

Superintendent:   Beth James

Industrial Arts/Technology
Superintendent:   Gregg Feller

Family & Consumer Science


Junior Fair Booths

Superintendent:   Cassie Anderson, 4-H Educator

4-H project Exhibits
Superintendent:   Cassie Anderson, 4-H Educator

Sunflower Display
Superintendent:   Marilynn Beltz

Flower Display
Superintendent:   Cathy Grossman

Pumpkin Display
Superintendent:   Marilynn Beltz

Vegetable Display
Superintendent:   Ann Brickner


Junior Fair Contests

Decorated Fruit/Vegetable
Superintendent:   Marilynn Beltz

Superintendent:   Jr. Fair Board

Flower Arranging
Superintendent:   John Platt

Flower Arranging Activity
Superintendent:   Shirley Gerber

Cookie Eating
Superintendent:   Jr. Fair Board & Anne Sweigart

Pedal Pull
Board members in charge:   Nick Conrad

Livestock Judging
Superintendent:   Gary Wilson, Jacki Johnson

4-H Photo Contest and Duct Tape/Upcycle Challenge
Superintendent:   Cassie Anderson