HCAS Donkey Race

HCAS Donkeye Race

The Hancock County Fair is having a Donkey Race at this year’s county fair sponsored by Hancock Federal Credit Union with proceeds going to the Flag City Honor Flight.
August 31, 7 p.m. at the North Grandstand

2022 Hancock County Fair Donkey Race

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There will be five heats with 10 donkeys in each heat needing a jockey to guide them across the finish line.  You can be a Donkey Jockey or Sponsor one simply by registering as a rider or sponsoring your favorite rider. There is a $10 registration fee for each rider and the rider raising the most money for the Flag City Honor Flight will get first pick from the donkeys.

You can sponsor your rider to represent your fair department, your local school, your business, or even your favorite safety person or your favorite city or county official.  Rider and sponsor announcements will take place at the beginning of each class. The rider that obtains the highest sponsorship will also get first choice of donkey they wish to ride in race.

The first and second place winners will qualify to be in the finals to see just who is ‘The Best Donkey Jockey’.

Ribbons will be awarded to the top three finishers and a trophies to the loosest rider.

Here is your chance to sponsor a rider to represent organization, party, business or group.

All questions may be directed to Tom Harmon at 567-525-1823 or tom.harmon@hancockfairgrounds.org